Subcity Donair - West Kelowna

Learn all about Subcity Donair! Find out what it is that makes our food so special!

At Subcity Donair we are dedicated to making the best donairs and subs at an affordable price. We use only the best top sirloin, added with our own blend of 23 herbs and spices, to give you a mouth watering experience like never before.

Our boneless, skinless chicken breast is baked fresh, each day with a Mediterranean flare of spices and blends. Customers’ line up every day, as it comes out of our oven steaming.


Because Subcity Donair doesn’t have just 1 sauce but 7, you can create a different mouth-watering taste each time you order from one of our establishments. We are proud of our unique tastes and freshness that we bring to our customers experience and appreciate any comment we receive.

We strive to make our customers happy and it proves to be working with our hundreds of returning customers, as well as, our new locations opening around the Okanagan and beyond soon. Our customers let us know every day why they come back for more.


Subcity Donair has created a special menu for our “Veggie Lovers” in mind. Each establishment carries an “Out Of This World” falafel, with sauces and veggies to compliment each sandwich. And of course, we carry soups and salads for a light snack or a great addition to any sandwich we prepare for you


The Home Of The REAL Donair!


Breaded Shrimp

Succulent shrimp prepared ever so delicately before being coated just right so that when they are fried that have that perfect crisp and crunch!  Don't you hesitate! Order now!


Beef Donair

It's literally in our name. All our donairs are served with mozzarella cheese, your choice of veggies, and your choice of one sauce on a toasted pita. Go on, you know you want too! Order now!



This decedant flaky dessert is the perfect way to finish any meal! Thin sheets of dough, soaked in honey & layered with nuts. We know your mouth is watering. Order now!